Fage Total Yogurt Reciepe Development

Location: United States

The ask:  As part of their integrated marketing campaign to launch the new packaging for FAGE Total Plain yogurt, FAGE partnered with Foodie Tribe to organize content creation and word-of-mouth with marketing through food influencers. Foodie Tribe needed to hand select influencers whose content and followers matched FAGE’s brand initiatives. Content creators were asked to create simple, easy to replicate recipes using their yogurt while showcasing the new packaging.

What we did: We engaged ten influencers to create unique recipes featuring FAGE Total Plain yogurt. Campaign requirements included photographing using a flat lay look and feel. The influencers all created beautifully crafted shareable recipes and images that emphasized core product attributes. In addition to creating content for their Instagram accounts, the influencers also shared the recipes in the form of posts to their blogs.


  • 103,000 engagements

  • 405,000 impressions

  • 2.28% overall engagement rate


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