Jana Foods and Wyke Farms

Location: United States

The ask: With more than 30 cheese partners, Jana Foods, a New Jersey based importer of fine cheeses from around the world, was looking for a new and creative way to promote their suppliers. They turned to Foodie Tribe to create a 6-month campaign where we would showcase and bring awareness to three of their cheese brands through influencer marketing. Influencers would be asked to curate and then shared recipes featuring the product, with the main call-to-action to visit your nearest grocery store to purchase the cheese. One campaign in particular was to drive awareness for Wyke Farms, a family owned and operated cheddar maker based in the United Kingdom.

What we did: We lined up three cheese-obsessed Foodie Tribe members to receive product and develop easy recipes where featuring Wyke Farms cheese was the main ingredient. As a requirement of the campaign, the product was to be featured prominently in its packaging to help drive brand recognition. Besides creating content for Instagram, each influencer also housed their recipes on their blogs.


  • 30,000 engagements

  • 4.1% overall engagement rate

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