Location: United States

The ask: Litehouse, the No. 1 Refrigerated Salad Dressing brand in the combined U.S. and Canada, was looking to drive awareness and sales for their reformulated Organic Pourable dressings during a retail promotion period. The brand partnered with Foodie Tribe to activate an influencer and content program that would resonate with U.S. audiences, raise brand and product awareness and drive consumers in-store. 

What we did: Nine content creators were hand-selected from the Tribe to receive product and create simple recipes highlighting the new product characteristics and versatility of Litehouse  Organic Pourable dressings. To help drive brand recognition, the content prominently featured the dressing bottles and packaging, and influencers also included a call-to action for followers to visit their local grocery store to find the dressings. Recipes were posted and shared to Instagram and influencer blogs, and Litehouse repurposed the content and recipes on their social channels and website, generating additional value.


  • 15,347 engagements

  • 302,423 impressions

  • 2.33% overall engagement rate

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