Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Location: USA (several markets)

The ask: Potbelly Sandwich Shop was working on a digital marketing campaign to promote their limited time pulled pork sandwich offer. In addition to their other digital marketing methods, Potbelly Sandwich Shop wanted to amplify their efforts through influencer content and audience. They asked Foodie Tribe to identify and manage a group of content creators to generate excitement and buzz around their limited time offer. 

What we did: We engaged fifteen influencers to head over to their nearest Potbelly Sandwich Shop location to not only try the delicious new sandwich, but also create content that would induce “fear of missing out” with their followers. They all created posts and stories that were geared towards pushing their followers to their nearest Potbelly Sandwich Shop to try the sandwich for themselves.


  • 30,000 engagements

  • 16,000 impressions

  • 3.07% overall engagement rate

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