Santa Margherita Billy Harris Dinner Series

Location: Chicago

The ask: Santa Margherita, a winery known for their rich heritage, rooted in quality winemaking, was going to be participating in the Billy Harris Dinner Series in Chicago. These crowd-pleasing dining experiences are hosted by popular MC and culinary event curator Billy Harris from Bravo TV.  Looking to seize the opportunity to gain exposure through association and participation in the event series, the wine brand turned to Foodie Tribe to help create content that would maximize awareness. 

What we did: We engaged four content creators to attend the dinner events. The influencers enjoyed the full experience and then created content promoting how the Santa Margherita wine was expertly paired with the meal throughout the events.


  • 30,000 engagements

  • 21,000 impressions

  • 2.45% overall engagement rate

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