Location: Portland, D.C. & Seattle

The ask: McDonald’s was launching all new bacon themed menu items. As part of their all encompassing integrated marketing campaign for the launch of their new bacon items they created an in-store event called Bacon Hour. At these one-time events customers could add thick cut, Applewood smoked bacon with anything on the menu, at no additional cost!  McDonald’s knew this was a ripe opportunity to work with content creators to have fun and drive awareness. McDonald’s asked Foodie Tribe to help support them with three dedicated Bacon Hour influencer tastings.

What we did: We collaborated with twenty Foodie Tribe influencers, inviting them to attend private Bacon Hour tasting events in their respective cities. While attending the event, Foodie Tribe members tasted the new bacon focused menu items and took tantalizing food photos to create fun content that was then shared on their Instagram accounts. Foode Tribe had one Tribe member do a dedicated Instagram takeover featuring his experience with the new menu items.


  • 80,000 total engagements

  • 250,000 impressions

  • 5.96% overall engagement rate

The takeover received almost 7,500 impressions.

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