Foodie Tribe, LLC - Code of Ethics

Participation in the Foodie Tribe, LLC Community is subject to the following Code of Ethics, which may be updated at any time by Foodie Tribe, LLC. in its sole and absolute discretion. Foodie Tribe, LLC is extremely proud to have world-class content producers throughout the globe. We value each member and are grateful to work with such creative influencers who support each other and whom we consider our friends and family. Our commitment to the Community includes: providing opportunities that will help generate creative and quality content, build followers and readers, and education on best practices when working with brands.


Our Community is among the best in class in terms of food influencers across the world and it is crucial that those who join adhere to strict guidelines to ensure content is reliable, honest and always creative.


  1. Disclosures – Members follow all FTC disclosure and endorsement/testimonial guidelines when completing posts for Foodie Tribe, LLC.

  2. No Stealing – We do not tolerate plagiarism or stealing of photos, videos or other content. Members always give credit where credit is due (providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate).

  3. Following Through – Foodie Tribe, LLC members will fully execute the responsibilities set forth in campaign instructions by the due dates provided. If a member is unable to execute their responsibilities, they must communicate any issues to the appropriate person.

  4. Conflict of Interest – It is the influencer’s responsibility not to enter into a conflict of interest, meaning not accepting a campaign for a brand that is in direct competition with a brand they currently or recently worked with. This applies to campaigns with our network, with another network or PR agency or directly with the brand.

  5. Support Fellow Influencers – Foodie Tribe, LLC members will support other members.

  6. Grammar and Spelling – All Foodie Tribe, LLC members are their own editors and are responsible for their own grammar and spelling mistakes.

  7. Accuracy - All Foodie Tribe, LLC members are expected to check their content against instructions and any email updates in order to confirm it is accurate prior to submitting final work. Failure to provide accurate work could result in failure to complete a campaign.

  8. Honesty - All Foodie Tribe, LLC members must present honest opinions or none at all.

  9. Permanence of Content – Foodie Tribe, LLC members are expected to keep all content produced for our network publicly visible with the campaign hashtags and disclosures for a period of at least 90 days post final deadline. In addition, in order to remain FTC compliant, if content is modified in any way beyond this time period the required disclosure must remain intact.

  10. Complaints – We realize that not everything or everyone is perfect, but we really strive to get there and to provide our members with great experiences. That said, we encourage our members to come to us for any concern that may arise so we can address it in an appropriate manner.

  11. Respect and Tolerance – We are an open community. Everyone is held to a higher standard and must show respect to one another no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

  12. Content Ownership – You will not subcontract work out to other influencers. If you have contributors, they must be members of the community.

  13. Be Creative – All content produced by Foodie Tribe, LLC members is 100% original and we like to have the best of the best!

  14. Non-compete – By accepting these rules & guidelines after working with Foodie Tribe, LLC on a campaign you may not go out and work directly with that brand, agency and/or restaurant without consulting a Foodie Tribe, LLC team member first.


Enforcement of the Code of Ethics

Foodie Tribe, LLC exclusively controls the Community. As such, Foodie Tribe, LLC retains full control over this Community and membership to the Community. All access to the Community is through a license granted by Foodie Tribe, LLC.

Foodie Tribe, LLC takes its Code very seriously and has implemented procedures to ensure the integrity of the Community. Foodie Tribe, LLC will take necessary action if there is any infraction by any Member.

If you believe another member to be in violation of the Code of Ethics, you may contact the CEO at to register a violation. The membership committee will investigate the claim and recommend to the board if action should be taken. Members will receive two warnings from the board before revocation of their membership can be considered.


Grounds for Immediate Dismissal

Foodie Tribe, LLC will immediately remove a Member from the community if a Member engages in any plagiarism, bullying, disparagement of another Member, a client, the Community or posts highly inappropriate materials, as determined by Foodie Tribe, LLC in its sole and absolute discretion. A Member who is removed for this behavior may not be allowed to reapply to the Community.