By Elsie from Afro Vitality Eats

Drawing a blank on ideas for dinner? How about trying this simple West African Peanut Stew! Thank me later, after your family or friends clean up their plates and ask for seconds.

This West African Peanut stew is definitely a must try in my honest and humble opinion. With time from prep to eating under 45 minutes, you can get dinner on the table in record time. Not only is it delicious, its also healthy and super easy to make. Regardless of your dietary preference you have options. This recipe is strictly vegan but it works great with fried fish, beef, chicken and so much more.   I did cut a few corners but eh, why not go the easy route especially if it doesn’t take away from the flavor. Typically you’ll find me roasting raw peanuts but I picked up some dry roasted (Unsalted ) peanuts from Walgreens for this one. I still enjoy the smell from pan  roasting peanuts, it brings back those long lost childhood memories. Feel free to roast your own peanuts!

Used extra firm tofu for protein. The secret with tofu? Do not shy away from seasonings. Unless you literally dump a handful of salt on it, its hard to over season. Getting it crispy involves getting rid of as much water as you can. Slice the tofu block down the middle, wrap it up in a kitchen towel and dry with some weights.


I definitely didn’t shy away from my spices. Tofu was diced into 1 inch cubes and seasoned with 1/2 tsp each onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, Essiespice Mekko Dry Rub, salt and 1 Tbsp olive oil. This was then baked at 425 for 20 minutes until brown and crispy.

Hope you get to enjoy this meal with your family like we did and have fun making it too.



  1. Heat oil in a medium sauce pan. Saute onions for about 2 minutes. Add in tomatoes and cook for another 5 minutes

  2. Blend peanuts into a smooth paste. Add 1/2 cup of water, mix well until creamy. Add into pan, with 2 additional cups of water.

  3. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook for about 20 minutes until foam clears from the surface, stir occasionally.

  4. Blend basil , parsley, ginger, garlic , onions and harbanero. Add into skillet and continue to cook for about 5 to 7 more minutes. (You can add tofu now, or serve it over sauce)

  5. Season to taste and serve over rice.