By Shawanda from Eat. Drink. Frolic.

When I have a vision or an idea for something, it’s very difficult for me to get it out of my brain. That’s sort of what happened with this drink. I wanted to create a whiskey cocktail recipe that was infused with honey. Most importantly, I wanted to serve it in little plastic honey bear containers. There was something about those bears that really made me want to serve a cocktail out of them. Adorable, right?

So I had this vision of serving a delicious cocktail in an empty plastic honey bear container but I’d never researched how to find one. I mean, besides buying honey, I didn’t think you could buy empty ones. But then again, it’s 2017 and you can buy everything on the internet nowadays. Before I figured out we could buy them on the internet (seriously, guys, that never crossed my mind), I took a trip to Whole Foods.

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