Written by: Foodie Tribe

One of the keys to success when building your own social brand is to create consistency within your posts. An easy way to do this is pick 1-2 filters to use on your photos so when people view your profile, the colors of your profile look like they are all part of telling your story. Another way is to maintain consistency with your hashtags – it’s always encouraged to include as many hashtags as you feel comfortable with in order to gain followers and likes, but it’s recommended to use a few go-to’s so followers can, again, follow along with the story you’re telling.

As a way to maintain consistency within the composition of your photos, you also need to be sure your lighting for photos accurately captures your image. If you make your dish the hero of the image, and it doesn’t need to be over-styled because chances are you’re going to want to re-direct consumers to your blog for additional content. As a rule of thumb, if you are eating out at a restaurant and you are having trouble controlling your lighting and the image is not appearing as you’d like – don’t post it. It doesn’t do any favors for your own brand in addition to the restaurant/brand that you are representing.

Lastly, if you’re having a difficult time choosing what direction you should take your brand – watch how your audience is responding to you. If you are noticing people are commenting when you add questions in your captions – try establishing a structure that would feature questions in every their post to gauge how the interest to figure out what works. Everyone’s brand is a little different!