Instagram is so much more than just a photo on your feed! Stories, videos, and Boomerangs add a fun, live aspect to content that you should be creating. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few starting points:

  1. Share A Look From Behind The Scenes. Instagram is saturated with images featuring one particular item from a restaurant or brand to promote. Instead of this, capture a “behind the scenes” look! For instance, ask the head chef to give you a tour of the kitchen so your followers can see where the magic happens and how dishes are created.

  2. Promote New Items. Whether it is something new to the menu or something new to a brand’s product line-up, use video to capture your first experience with it in real-time. When followers are able to see your reactions as they happen, it helps create a more emotional connection with them. Create a Boomerang of yourself pulling the product off the shelf for the first time or even as you take your first bite!

  3. How To Videos. Step it up a notch when you are creating product recipes by hosting an Instagram Live while you cook. You can talk about the product, show your followers how to make the recipe, and answer any questions they might have. This is a great way to get the real-time connection and create an experience where your followers are interacting beyond the usual likes and comments.

Dara Schlossmann is Community Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.