Our first Grow Your Influence Seminar was a success! We were blown away by the response (we sold out of tickets!) and can’t wait for our next event. If you weren’t able to join us, here is a recap of what you missed:

Delicious food and drinks from our sponsors

Discussion Panels

Collaborating and Creating Community 

  • Social media is a community and we are proud to help out. Word is spread through social media, which is why it is important for us to work with the community, - Yves Arispe (@gentlemanyves)

  • Ask yourself: how can we connect the community? How can we make people feel more empowered? How do we touch more than one perspective? - Daniella Turchin (DT Creative Agency)

  • Remember that it’s an even playing field. Anyone in the world can immediately see what you are putting up. - Mike Zig (@coconutcartel)

  • Business owners want people to see creative and engaging content. And that is what makes me want to go somewhere a fellow influencer posts about. - Yulia K. (@happychoicelife)

  • Quantity matters here. If everyone posts enough, people will go visit. - David (@theplasticspoon)

Why You Should Treat Your Side Hustle Like A Full Time Job

  • I thought, “I want to make this my living,” and then went at it with a business mind. - Yulia K. (@happychoicelife)

  • Think passion into paycheck. - Lauren Patao (@laurenashleypatao)

  • It makes me happy to tell people’s stories, and that’s what I’m able to do with digital marketing. - Marilyn Orozco (@littlemariii)

  • I love video and stories because I can show my personality. - Valentina Mussi (@sweetportfolio)

  • I was working full-time for a construction project management company, and decided I wanted to try taking my Instagram account full-time. - Rachel Samson (@stickaforkinme)

Do’s And Don’ts Of An Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • We’re looking for immediate content with influencers. - Ana Rivera (@identitymediapr)

  • It’s important to choose an influencer who can translate your message. - Chef Chris Valdes (@chefchrisvaldes)

  • Go above and beyond - that’s how you come to the forefront of our minds to work together again. - Rebecca Lattanzio (@mocheesocial)

  • Make sure the influencer is a right fit for your brand and that it’s an authentic connection, so we can create a long term relationship. - Diahann Smith (@floridamilk)

  • Identity your voice, and what’s important to you. - Katy Coffield (@foodietribe)

Thanks again to our speakers, sponsors, and everyone who attended and made it a great night!