Do you dream of becoming an Instagram food influencer? It’s not as easy as it looks and certainly takes times, but with dedication and the right skills, you can start building your foodie account. Check out these tips we’re sharing to help get you started.

Have a Unique Point of View. This is why people follow you! So many influencers create such great, but similar content. Show them you have a unique perspective and that you can help them find new things they might not have known about otherwise. Do you follow a vegan diet? Maybe you know all the best vegan spots in your city and showcase them on your account. Don’t be afraid to make your account stand out from the rest. Once you have defined your brand, stick to it and don’t get distracted by what others are focusing on and the type of content they are producing.

Interact with Others in the Food Community. Follow other foodies and be a part of their conversations. Like, comment, and engage with foodies in your local community and beyond. Meeting people with the same interests and building a support system is key! Find influencers with similar styles and interests and make friends. Their followers might end up following you, too.

Promote Yourself. Get out there and start creating relationships! Lots of marketers want to see quality over quantity when it comes to your content and followers. If you’re in a smaller city, don’t see this as a setback. Use this opportunity to become an influencer in your local area. Even with a small following, you can still post high quality content with good captions that highlight the food, allowing you to build a small, loyal, and active following. From there, you can begin reaching out to the restaurants/marketing agencies letting them know you’re creating posts about them on your account, and invitations to events might even start follow.

Work on Your Photography Skills because practice makes perfect. Watch tutorials on YouTube, read articles online about food photography, and spend time practicing your photo skills. Classes are another great option! And they don’t have to be expensive - you can find beginner classes online. See our past blog posts here and here for more food photography ideas.

Work for Less when you are starting your account. You may have to accept products or goods instead of money for your services, but it’s a starting point. And as you continue gaining followers, producing and sharing quality content, you can negotiate your earnings for what you are producing.