Do you use Instagram Stories? Are you unsure why you should use it or how to use it? Stories are a great place to share your real life with your followers. It resonates with them and creates engagement, but it also allows your followers to see you as more relatable. Here are a few tips on how to use Stories to your advantage.

  1. Post to stories daily. Increasing the frequency of which you post Instagram Stories can bump your content closer to the front of the Story queue, meaning they will be seen more often.

  2. Stories create engagement. Followers like the realness and behind the scenes feeling that these real life snippets create. Just like a feed post, your audience can comment and ask questions which get sent to your DMs. This is another place that allows for interaction with your followers.

  3. Don’t forget to check the “Requests” section of your DMs. If someone isn’t following you but sent in a comment to your Story, their message will show up here. It is yet another opportunity to engage with them, and they may even become a follower!

  4. Use Story features like Polls. Influencers and followers love this method of engagement. Influencers can ask questions, get opinions, and votes on anything they ask! The fun part is seeing the results, so make sure you share these with your followers!

Use Swipe Up. If you are promoting a product, consider taking advantage of the Swipe Up feature in Stories where you can post a direct link and drive traffic to the brand’s site.