Every so often, Instagram pulls a fast one on us and changes the algorithm. Followers miss out on influencers’ posts, and influencers engagement rates drop because their followers are not seeing their content - you know the story. We’ve all heard the rumors, but what is actually true and what is false?


Liking and commenting on someone’s posts shows you more content from them.

Engaging with content plays a large role on what posts appear higher in your feed. If you like a lot of content from one account or keep going back to a profile to like posts, Instagram uses this activity and interest to help them know to place this content high on your feed. Think of it as a personalized experience for everyone. If you follow the same accounts as your friend, but you engage with one account more than they do, it is likely that those posts will show lower in your friend’s feed because they are not liking and commenting on them as much as you are. So, if you are a fan of @district_foodie or @fluent_in_food (or any of our Tribe members!), make sure you engage on a consistent basis so you never miss a post!


The algorithm is hiding your posts.

It’s not, but it is getting harder to have your content seen by more people. With over 1 billion users, Instagram is more competitive than ever, due to the endless options of people and brands to follow. It’s impossible for someone to see every single post from every account, and this where we see organic reach declining.

Comments have to be more than 3 words.

There is no minimum number of words for comments. Yes, even a single emoji counts! But, to get more authentic engagement from your followers, try asking a question. It could be something as simple as where they live, or a little more in depth like what the last restaurant they went to was and the best thing they at there. Or, try writing longer captions. This can help get your follower invested in your post and yield a response back.

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