We love Instastories for the in-the-moment feeling they create. But, how can you get more engagement from them? Here are a few ideas:

Share lists. What’s better than something so straightforward and simple? A list presents information in an easy, practical way. Especially great for the recipe developers out there, you can put together a series of videos for a tutorial of how to make a certain dish, listing out the ingredients and steps in each slide. Include the full recipe at the end with a picture of the finished product. Most likely, your follower will screenshot it if they are interested in making it themselves!

Post screenshot worthy content. As mentioned above, when you post valuable content to your story, your audience knows it will disappear in 24 hours. When they see something they want to save, they’ll take a screenshot so they have it for future reference.

Use polls. But, have fun with it! The standard “yes and no” questions can get boring. Be creative, make it funny, and use language you yourself would engage with. You can also try posting a series of questions if you want to get their thoughts on an important topic.

Indicate sound should be on. Most people watch stories without volume. To let them know they should unmute, add an emoji, gif, or text that indicates this. This tells your viewers that you have something important to discuss and want their extra attention.

Create a conversation. Use the question sticker to host a “ask me anything” session, or questions about something specific. Or, ask your followers a question and have them submit their responses. You could even post an “answer round-up” to share their answers to your question with the rest of your followers.

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