Ever wonder how your favorite foodies end up with thousands of followers? It doesn’t happen overnight, and starting out can be a struggle. We’ve gathered a few tips to motivate you through the process. And remember, don’t give up!

  1. Create a business page. Business pages offer access to data and analytics that you don’t get on a personal page. Make the switch, and get information like audience demographics, best times to post, when the most engagement on your page occurs, and more.

  2. Schedule your content. Planning out and scheduling your content is an important step because it will create consistency. Review your analytics to determine when the best days to post are, or what time of day is best.

  3. Engage with your audience. Engagement is key to growing! Respond to comments, “love” comments left on your post, and engage with other influencers. Networking is important because most instagrammers support other instagrammers. Engage with their content, ask them for advice, or tell them how much you enjoy their page. Instagram is all about building community, and this is one way to do it.

  4. Make time to practice. Read articles, watch YouTube videos, and do it yourself. Whether it’s practicing photography, learning editing, or setting aside time to think of punny captions, you’ll be glad you did. You know what they say - practice makes perfect - and you and your followers will be able to see how much dedication you put into your account by how much you practice.

  5. Know what does well. Just like everything else, this will take a while to develop. But eventually, you will be able to see what kind of content does well with your followers. Remember, you can always make changes as you are learning and try new things.

Want to learn how everything you need to know about Instagram metrics? We recently wrote a blog post Instagram Analytics: The Only Guide You Need, which should steer you in the right direction!

Dara Schlossmann is an Influencer Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.