Summer is here and that means it's time to travel! Here at Foodie Tribe we are so excited to see all your mouth watering food pics from your travels across the globe. Hotel, airfare, and activities aren’t what stress most foodies out; the most difficult decision is deciding where to eat. We have some helpful tips to guide you on your delicious journey to finding that perfect photo.

Talk to the locals: Don’t always trust the most advertised restaurants at your hotel. Speak to some of the employees of your hotel, and other locals you meet to find out where they go to taste the best of the best. We also recommend asking your server where they like to eat. If any one knows where the good food is, it’s the people who serve food for a living. This can not only find you a great hidden treasure, but you are more likely to save some money too.

Use social media: We know you are socially savvy, so use your assets to find where other foodies are going. Search hashtags for the city or neighborhood you want to eat in. Instagram has become a real time restaurant guide that can lead you to unexpected gems off the beaten path. Bonus points if you see the Foodie Tribe badge in users’ profiles, then you know they can be trusted :)

Get out of your comfort zone: Every city has its own specialty item. Don’t stick to what you always order! You may miss out on a local delicacy if you stick to ordering the same things you order at home. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never had before. You may wind up with a new favorite food. Plus, if you try something crazy, it’ll make a much better photo than another avocado toast!

If you are traveling to Melbourne, New York City, or Vancouver make sure to check out #FoodieTribeTours to see some mouth watering posts from the Tribe Tours campaigns we have run in the past. If you are interested in doing a Tribe Tours in your city Click Here!

We hope you have safe travels, and can’t wait to start seeing the great content come in. Bon Voyage!

Jon Senk is Community Growth Director at Foodie Tribe. Hedge Fund Administrator by day, always searching for the next exciting bite by night. Follow @therealjonsenk on Instagram.