Influencer marketing offers a wide variety of end goals. Prior to kicking off your campaign, you will need to decide what kind of result you want to yield. Determining end goals before launching the campaign will determine how you measure its results and overall success.

Are you looking to boost direct sales? A popular method for this is discount codes. Influencers share coupons or discounts on your products or services with their followers - your potential consumers. Oftentimes the code will be unique to the specific influencer, adding a personal feel. This also helps you with post-campaign tracking. Another popular strategy influencers are taking advantage of are the direct sales features offered on social platforms. They can post the link to purchase on any platform, use the “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram Stories (which sends the follower straight to the purchase page), and even post “Buyable Pins” on Pinterest (allowing followers the ability to click to buy products of interest). Consider this strategy if you want your influencer marketing campaign to increase direct sales.

Another end goal of influencer marketing campaigns is lead generation. Simply put, this means the influencer creates interest in the product or service that makes their followers curious about not just about the product/service, but also the brand. Because influencers understand their audience, they know what kind of content about the product or service will resonate with their followers. Using the product, reviewing it, etc. are common ways for influencers to create interest and generate leads. If something sparks the interest of a follower, chances are they will go to the website and not only look at the product promoted by the influencer, but other products or services as well. Newsletter subscriptions are great to include on your site because it offers an additional way for you to measure lead generation.

Are you a new brand? Or maybe your brand is launching new products or services? In either case, you will want to create brand awareness. Think of influencers as storytellers. They are narrating the story of every product or service they promote. Introducing products, filming tutorials, and all the other ways influencers present products and services are awareness tactics that are being presented to their audience. Followers love seeing the personal touch so make sure you encourage influencers to share stories of their own authentic experience with your product or service. You can easily measure brand awareness by assigning the influencer a specific amount of content they will need to produce and the number of impressions and engagement their content receives. 

When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns, starting at the end is the best place to start. Determine your end goal and from there you will be able to determine the rest! And, don’t forget, Foodie Tribe can help you accomplish your influencer marketing goals. Send us an email at to start your journey.

Dara Schlossmann is Community Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.