If you’ve been ‘gramming food for a while, you know how important it is to be authentic. After all, that’s how you built your following - by creating content about what you love and feel is worth sharing. So, how do you continue to keep an authentic voice after doing the same thing month after month, year after year? We’ve got a few tips for you.

  1. Remember why you created your foodstagram. Think about the reason you started, what inspired you, what the purpose was. Sharing your story with others will help it become easier for you to keep your true voice and allow your followers to understand where you are coming from. 
  2. Tell your story! Even with #sponsored #ad content, your authenticity should shine through. Share with your followers why you love a product, brand, or restaurant. In addition to telling them “The burger was delicious,” tell them it was so delicious because “the cheese was the perfect amount of melty and gooey - just what I always want!” People love the personal touch so don’t be afraid to put it into your posts.
  3. Consider your followers. One of the perks of being an influencer is the great opportunities you are given. Make sure to always think about if they fit your audience and if they fit you. If you are offered a #sponsored opportunity that does not make sense with your focus, don’t accept it. Stay true to your followers and yourself - consistency is key.
  4. Engage with your audience. Ask what they want to see in your content and listen to their responses! Instagram is constantly adding new features that makes interacting with your followers easy. Create a poll, use “Ask Me Anything,” or keep it old school and have them comment on one specific post so their answers are in one place. 
  5. Show your followers who is behind the camera! There is nothing more authentic than reality. Include yourself in your photos, do an Instagram Live, or turn the camera around on you during your Story. Allowing your audience to see you can create an even stronger connection!

Dara Schlossmann is Community Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.