Optimize your influencer Marketing Skills at #GrowYourInfluence19 Seminar in Miami


Optimize your influencer Marketing Skills at #GrowYourInfluence19 Seminar in Miami

Are you looking for out-of-the-box strategies to market your brand, and generate word-of-mouth awareness and purchase consideration? 

Are you scrambling to find the right set of influencers to collaborate with, and create content that truly resonates with your target market?

Do wish your Influencer Marketing efforts were easier, faster and yielded better results? 

With so many available avenues and channels where you can interact with potential customers, it has become more challenging to market your brand. By creating the right influencer marketing strategy you can solve many of your marketing roadblocks.

That’s why the Grow Your Influence Seminar was created.

On October 2nd in Miami, FL you’ll have the opportunity to be exposed to the power of influencer marketing strategies and collaborations.Restaurant owners, food brands, marketing specialists and passionate food enthusiasts will gather to learn the latest on influencer marketing power moves and best practices, talk through the biggest challenges when it comes to “standing out” on Instagram, and find out what it takes to elevate your brand visibility in an oversaturated market.

Here are a few of the top benefits YOU will gain at Grow Your Influence

  • Develop strong relationships with leading influencers: You will connect with influencers who are ready to collaborate with you, and develop a long-term brand marketing relationship.

  • Increase brand visibility: You’ll not only have the chance to speak to influencers in attendance, but other brand and industry professionals that are ready to take the next step in influencer marketing. Plus, if you decide to sponsor your  products and services will be included in email marketing sent to 15,000 dedicated contacts, as well as promoted on Foodie Tribe social channels with a combined follower count of over 50,000.

  • Enhance your professional development: Are you looking to learn more on how you can optimize your brand by creating and developing and influencer marketing strategy?

  • There will be food: What kind of Foodie Tribe event would it be without some delicious food! Before and after the seminar you will be able to network and mingle with those in attendance and expand your professional network.

The mission of Grow Your Influence is to educate both influencers and brands on long-term, partnership-oriented growth tactics that generate stronger engagement, more reach and ultimately more revenue with creative and collaborative content. 

You’re excited to join us for some good talks and good eats and that’s why you should purchase your ticket today! (Seats are limited)

Maximize your opportunity and sponsor Grow Your Influence! 


Let's talk about Influencer Panels


Let's talk about Influencer Panels

Are you speaking on your first influencer panel? Public speaking may be daunting to some as is, but when you are giving advice and guidance to others your nerves can really get to you.  We’re sharing a few panel prep tips to make your speaking experience a little less nerve wrecking.

Prepare Notes. You will most likely know the topic you are speaking on beforehand. This is great because it gives you time to make makes on your topic and what points you want to make sure you address when the day comes. If you are worried about forgetting something, bring your notes along!

Make Eye Contact. If you have ever taken a public speaking course, you know one of the most important things to do is make eye contact with your audience. Not only will they will be more engaged, but you will feel the connection you are making with them as well.

Be a Resource for Your Audience. They are there to hear you speak! Your audience knows you have valuable information to share, which is why they attended in the first place. Remember, you are there to be a source of knowledge for them.

Engage Your Audience. If you’ve ever been in the audience yourself, you know that most likely not everyone is paying 100% attention. With distractions like texting or email, it’s easy to not devote all of your attention to the speaker. Get your audience engaged by asking them questions, having them share their thoughts, etc. When your audience is engaging with you, it will also help them remember what you said.

Answer Questions. Be open to answering questions during a Q&A or after the panel ends. If you get a question that deserves a longer answer, offer to take their name and email or phone number so you can follow up with your answer later.

Are you interested in speaking on an influencer panel? Foodie Tribe is excited to announce that we are hosting our first Grow Your Influence seminar, October 2nd, 2019 in Miami featuring a panel of our very own Foodie Tribe influencer speakers!

If you are interested in speaking fill out this form: here.

Dara Schlossmann is an Influencer Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.


Instagram's New Feature: Recovering Your Hacked Account


Instagram's New Feature: Recovering Your Hacked Account

It is no surprise that with all we hear about accounts being hacked, Instagram recently rolled out a new feature to help you recover your account, should this happen to you. The new recovery process is testing changes to make it easier for users to regain access to hacked accounts, as well as testing features that could make it harder for hackers to steal accounts in the first place.

How does it work?

If you are unable to access your account due to a hacker changing your password, tap the “My login info isn’t working,” and you will be asked to enter the email or phone number linked to your account, or the ones used when you signed up to Instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.32.38 PM.png

You will then be sent a numerical code to allow you access to the account.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.32.45 PM.png

After regaining access, Instagram will take additional steps to “ensure a hacker cannot use codes sent to your email address (or) phone number to access your account from a different device,” the spokesperson said. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.32.57 PM.png

Account recovery isn’t the only new feature Instagram has launched this year. They also began testing the Creator profile only two months ago. 

Dara Schlossmann is an Influencer Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.


WEBINAR | Caption vs. Comments: Where To Put Your Hashtags


WEBINAR | Caption vs. Comments: Where To Put Your Hashtags

Where should you place your hashtags in order to receive the best results? 

We’re all looking for the best ways to increase impressions, achieve higher engagement and grow followers. There are many tactics, tricks and ideas that can help you achieve these goals.

Hashtags help to categorize your content in a searchable way, and can also help your posts come up first when your followers open Instagram. They’re also the bride to landing in the glorious rewarding flow of the explore page where content goes viral and dreams are made.

There’s a lot of debate on which hashtags to use and how many you should use. As the algorithm acts differently for everyone and best practices dictate that your hashtags should be relevant to your content, every post will behave differently.

But where to insert them, the captions or the comments, is a hotly debated topic and no one really seems to have the answer. And that’s why we asked the Foodie Tribe to help us figure it out by participating in an experiment.

Watch the webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Which hashtag placement drove higher engagement 

  • How to run your own experiment

  • Insights on how the instagram algorithm works


  • Which engagement actions are the most valuable

We ran a 2 week experiment with a number of content creators who tracked all of the following metrics:

  • Likes 

  • Comments 

  • Forwards 

  • Saves 

  • Impressions 

  • Impressions from hashtags

We compared and contrasted how each of them affected the performance of the post for the individual Food Tribe member as well as the whole group. Through this we learned a new set of best practices that you can use to increase the impact of your efforts on Instagram.

Watch now!


How To Storyboard Your Instagram Stories

How To Storyboard Your Instagram Stories

When it comes to brands on Instagram, one in every three of the most viewed stories come from businesses. With so many people viewing your stories, why not give them a little makeover and upgrade? Storyboarding allows you to plan out how many frames your story will have, and what is going to be on each of your frames. Creating a storyboard will help your content be better aligned with the goals of the brand you are working with.

Step 1: Create your concept

Your concept will be the guide to create your story. Ask yourself, “does this tie together with the brand’s marketing objectives?” From there, figure out how you can create your story around those objectives.

Step 2: Pick a style and theme

There are many sites and apps that offer free templates. Choose templates that work well with your style, and remember to create your stories with a cohesive look and tone when it comes to fonts and colors.

Step 3: Outline the beginning, middle, and end

This will keep your story flowing naturally. And, you will already have an idea of what kind of content you need to create when it comes time to photographing. Ask yourself the following questions: What is happening in this frame? Is it an image, boomerang, or video? What text will be included / will there be a poll question? Is there a call-to-action?

Step 4: Add the social elements

This is social media, afterall. Make sure to include all hashtags, geotags, or stickers.

Step 5: Call-to-action

Don’t forget to include the most important part! Add in your swipe-up, buy now, or direct your followers to the brand’s website.

When a brand reaches out to you, how do you decide if it’s the right fit? We spoke about this exact topic in a recent blog post. Read about it here.

Dara Schlossmann is an Influencer Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.

How To Grow and Engage Your Audience

How To Grow and Engage Your Audience

Ever wonder how your favorite foodies end up with thousands of followers? It doesn’t happen overnight, and starting out can be a struggle. We’ve gathered a few tips to motivate you through the process. And remember, don’t give up!

  1. Create a business page. Business pages offer access to data and analytics that you don’t get on a personal page. Make the switch, and get information like audience demographics, best times to post, when the most engagement on your page occurs, and more.

  2. Schedule your content. Planning out and scheduling your content is an important step because it will create consistency. Review your analytics to determine when the best days to post are, or what time of day is best.

  3. Engage with your audience. Engagement is key to growing! Respond to comments, “love” comments left on your post, and engage with other influencers. Networking is important because most instagrammers support other instagrammers. Engage with their content, ask them for advice, or tell them how much you enjoy their page. Instagram is all about building community, and this is one way to do it.

  4. Make time to practice. Read articles, watch YouTube videos, and do it yourself. Whether it’s practicing photography, learning editing, or setting aside time to think of punny captions, you’ll be glad you did. You know what they say - practice makes perfect - and you and your followers will be able to see how much dedication you put into your account by how much you practice.

  5. Know what does well. Just like everything else, this will take a while to develop. But eventually, you will be able to see what kind of content does well with your followers. Remember, you can always make changes as you are learning and try new things.

Want to learn how everything you need to know about Instagram metrics? We recently wrote a blog post Instagram Analytics: The Only Guide You Need, which should steer you in the right direction!

Dara Schlossmann is an Influencer Manager at Foodie Tribe. In her free time you will find her taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather, traveling, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe.